Friday, May 5, 2017

Bursting with Flowers, Art, and Culture

This weekend we'll head up to Woodstock only for a night since we were generously invited to dinner tonight at the apartment of a family from Ella's school.  But we knew we couldn't miss the entire weekend up there because last weekend the garden was about to POP!  Buds everywhere.  This weekend should be spectacular (if it doesn't rain too much).

Started our herb garden

Holden and I have continued to take advantage of being homeschoolers in New York City.


I'm turning him into a real opera lover.  He sat at rapt attention for three hours listening to and watching Cyrano de Bergerac in French.  As usual, we read the synopsis ahead of time so that we didn't have to waste too much time reading the subtitles.  The sets at the Metropolitan Opera continue to amaze me.


We saw an incredible production this week called Nivelli's War about a young German boy who is trying to return to his mother in Frankfurt during WWII.  He is befriended by a magician who helps him to get home only to reveal at the end that he's Jewish.  The children's theater in this city is out of this world.


I organized a tour for a group of homeschoolers at the New York Historical Society's new Center for Women's History - "the first of its kind in a museum this size."  That makes me both happy and sad at the same time.  The tour focused on the Founding Mothers who helped to shape America.  Appropriate for the month of Mothers Day, I thought.


Ella continues to get recognized for her hard work and compassion.  This week she added to her wall of certificates for being "Caught Being Good" at school.

And we all continue to socialize and make more and more friends here in the city.  I had coffee with one new friend, wine with another, and a picnic in Central Park with yet another this week (all three are moms from Ella's school).  I also organized a Moms' Happy Hour for the moms from the school to take place in a couple weeks.

Holden is still partying it up with sleep overs and birthday parties with his buddies.

We had a very nice visit from a woman who has known me all of my life and been a close friend to our family for decades.  We took Connie on a stroll through Harlem and to a favorite restaurant.  It was so nice to see her.

Kevin and I even got a little couple time on the gorgeous roof of the Metropolitan Museum, sipping wine while the kids took their final mythology class of the year.

No complaints here (as long as we're not talking politics).

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  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun and what more could one ask for when out for a trip, newyork city is on the top of my to visit places, hope i get a chance to go!