Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Golden Anniversary

We snuck back to California this weekend to celebrate fifty years of marriage for Kevin's parents.  I would have to live to be 81 years old to make it to our 50th.  I can't even imagine the work and love and friendship that must go into sharing a life with someone for that long.  Diane and Sonny are truly an inspiration to me.


We enjoyed a quick 48 hours in the Bay Area and spent the time exclusively with Kevin's family.  We were treated to a fun limo ride into the city to a fancy French restaurant, had a relaxing day at home playing games and enjoying time with the cousins, played models as our good friend Teresa took some family photos for us at the Legion of Honor, and enjoyed a second delicious farewell dinner at the Cliff House.

💕💕💕So much love this weekend. 💕💕💕

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  1. aaw this is really sweet kevins parents must have had a ball that day the event must have been memorable I am so inspired by kevins parents story thanks for sharing such an awesome article