Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We're With Her

Last week was very musical for Holden and me.  Not only did we get to see the opera Aida at The Metropolitan Opera House, but on Friday we joined another homeschool field trip to see the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra led by the famous Wynton Marsalis.


It was a special program for kids on the life and work of Count Basie.  Wynton did an amazing job keeping the auditorium of 500+ young children interested and entertained.  He talked about Count Basie, taught the kids about jazz music, and the orchestra played us the most incredible music for over an hour.  Holden was riveted.

Earlier in the week Holden got to visit a local senior center in Manhattan with his volunteer group.  The small group of young kids spent a couple hours painting with the elderly residents and I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or adults.


He also got to go to a Jason and the Argonauts themed birthday party in the park.  Such a homeschooler's kind of birthday party...


Meanwhile, we're all on eggshells this week with the election happening today.  I'm sorry that the first presidential election that they'll remember is one that's been filled with insults as opposed to policy debates, with hate and vitriol instead of cooperation and communication.  But it's all over today.  Now we wait.

But I'm also very happy that the first presidential election they'll remember is the first one in which one of the candidates is a woman.  Ella will remember coming into the voting booth with me and watching me vote for Hillary Clinton.  Not because she's the lesser of two evils, but because I think she's awesome.  And I think she'll make an amazing president - woman or not.

Today I dedicated my vote to this kick ass girl.

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