Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Hues


I love autumn in New York.  The air reminds me of the Bay Area - crisp and chilly.  But just about nothing else reminds me of California.  The trees are all a gorgeous display of golds and auburn and scarlet and an infinite number of shades of green.  I start my days by peeking out the window.  Are pedestrians wearing hats?  Parkas?  Or just heavy sweaters?  Any umbrellas?

I took the above photo yesterday morning.  Holden was in his volunteer class so I had a little over an hour to power walk throughout Central Park while catching up on my favorite podcasts.  Who needs a gym?  And who needs Vermont when you've got colors like this right here in one of the world's largest cities?


Holden and I had a double header last Friday: two world class museums in one day.  First, we met our friends over at the Brooklyn Museum.  They've got an incredible Egyptian collection so we'll definitely need to return shortly with Ella.  We saw several real mummies including x-rays taken of them to show their skeletons.  Holden recognized several pieces as being from the Roman Egyptian period since he's studying that with Kevin right now.  The museum also has parts of the Book of the Dead filled with magic spells to assist the dead in the after life.

From there we headed back into the city and practically bee-lined to The Met for our Friday night mythology class.


We took a quick trip up to Woodstock on Saturday after Ella's soccer game.  We only had one night but we hadn't checked on the house in a month and I was worried about leaving it unattended for so long.  The only problem we found was that ALL of the trees on our property (and I haven't counted them yet) had dropped their leaves.  It was a mess of dead foliage that Kevin happily spent hours cleaning up.  He says it's his meditation.  I'm glad because to me it just feels like cleaning house outside.  He was happy to let me stay warm inside, cook up a yummy dinner, supervise pumpkin carving, and sleep in in the morning.

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