Monday, September 19, 2016

Quiet Birthday

I haven't really celebrated my birthday in a long time.  We usually do a small family dinner.  I get a few great gifts from a couple family members.  And that's it.  That's enough.  I feel uncomfortable getting a lot of attention or feeling like people went out of their way or spent money on me.


This year wasn't really any different.  The actual day of my birthday was busy with school stuff and a late meeting at Ella's new school.  One of my homeschool-mom buddies made me brownies and we went for a beautiful walk through Central Park while our kids were in class.

We did do a little more celebrating on Saturday with our friends Alina, Tom, and Luke.  The New York Botanical Gardens was having a fun event - Blues, Brews, and Botany.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day as we wandered around the grounds tasting beers, listening to live blues and bluegrass music.  Just perfect.

The rest of the week was our first week of a new, normal schedule.  I think we're all happy in our own ways to be back in a routine.  Holden has started several of his new homeschool classes.  He's taking a pottery class and got to use the wheel on his first day.  He's also on a track team twice a week, taking a Web Design/HTML class taught by a homeschool teen, a Spanish class, and a philosophy/civics class.

He told me during the summer that he really wants to learn about electricity this year, so I found what looks to be a great curriculum and then invited a couple of his buddies who also have an interest in electricity to join us once a week to work on the lessons together.  This was our first week and they had a blast learning about static electricity.

And of course we enjoyed our Friday night at The Met.

I got what has been the very best birthday present on Sunday.  I made a list for Kevin and the kids of all the 'deep cleaning' chores I want done around the apartment that I never have time for (or more accurately, that I procrastinate away).  They (mostly Kevin) spent the day moving the beds and cleaning underneath and behind them, scrubbing the bathrooms floors, dusting the overhead lights...  All while I rested, read, and drank tea.

I think this will be my new annual birthday AND Mothers Day presents :)

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