Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gone Girl

YIKES!! I just found the following post written three weeks ago sitting all alone in my "Posts to be Published" folder. Please enjoy this old and completely out of order post... I've also just posted "Fun in the Sun", so be sure to find that as well.


The kids and I had a pretty boring week last week. We were in the city running errands, going to doctors appointments, catching up on emails and bill paying.

We did have a few big highlights though.

We took the kids to see Patti Smith play at a free outdoor concert at Lincoln Center. Here's what they thought of the 1970's punk icon:

We also had a nice lunch with Ella's old friend Clara and her mom who moved to Hawaii last year.

We ended the week with a great day cooling off at the pool with Maeve's family.

Kevin joined us and we drove up to Woodstock on Friday night.  We had a nice Saturday bonding as a family over board games and pizza in preparation for Ella's leaving us on Sunday for two whole weeks.

I'm pretty proud of this girl. She chose to do a backpacking camp where she'll learn all about the outdoors, orienteering, hiking, rock climbing, ropes course. It will be two strenuous weeks as you can see by the size of her pack.

Kevin, Holden, and I dropped her off in the Caskill Mountains yesterday. We got to meet her awesome counselor Anna and one of her tentmates Sara (who is staying at camp for fourweeks!). Ella was so excited that she didn't even seem sad when we left.

I thought I would be more emotional at drop-off but I'm just so happy for her and know that this will be such an amazing confidence-builder. Having this two weeks of independence just before starting middle school is perfect timing.

There's plenty of time for me to get sad and miss her over the next two weeks.

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