Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fun in the Sun

I'm going to do my best to post from my phone today as we're up in Woodstock without a computer.

Since I've left you all hanging for two weeks on the adventures of Team Skaggs, I'll try to briefly catch you up.

After our family was reunited with Ella's return from camp, we had a fantastic weekend all together up in Woodstock. On Saturday we discovered a new, amazing swim hole. We were actually looking for a different one recommended to us by our gardener but when we couldn't find it we pulled over to ask directions at a tiny restaurant. The owner told us that swim hole was too dangerous and that several people had slipped to their deaths down the cliff. She walked us down a little ways behind her restaurant to a hidden, magical pool complete with a waterfall. She invited us to park behind her shop and walk down to the pool anytime.

The next day I did a little research on local hikes and found a gorgeous one out to a lighthouse on the Hudson River.

We took a short tour through the lighthouse which is currently a bed & breakfast.

After a few days back in the city getting business done - doctors and orthodontists appointments, renewing passports, paying bills - we enjoyed a fun and relaxing long weekend down on the Jersey Shore. Our friends have been renting the same house on the beach for the same two weeks every year for the last twelve years. You may remember that we joined them down there a couple years ago for a few days. They graciously invited us to stay again this year.

We swam, read, boogie boarded, skim boarded, ate, drank, hit an amusement park, yoga on the beach, and overall got way too much sun.

We took the long way home with a detour through Princeton, New Jersey. It's never too early to start college tours! ;)

In all seriousness though, Princeton is an incredibly beautiful campus. We spent a couple hours wandering around and checked out their stunning museum. For a university that was founded before the American Revolution, they had a surprisingly large collection of modern art.

I bet you people think that was the end of our week, right? Wrong! That was only Saturday!

We had the whole day together in Manhattan on Sunday before the kids and I were going to head back up to Woodstock for the week on Monday. Ella asked to return to the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design since they had switched up the exhibits since we were last there. We decided to buy a membership to the museum since both kids were super excited to go. Once we realized that our new membership has a reciprocal agreement with the Frick Museum - Kevin's favorite - we knew we would have to hit them both in one day. Because if one museum is good, two (or three) are better. (New family motto?)

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