Monday, March 7, 2016

Trail of Tears

The New York Historical Society's Book Club seems to know exactly what Kevin and the kids are studying in history.  It's as though they plan their book selections based on our schedule.  When Kevin found out last month that the next book that the Club would read and discuss would be about the Trail of Tears and the forced relocation of Native Americans in the 1830s, he immediately bought the book and started reading it with the kids.


The author, Tim Tingle, is a Choctaw Indian and his great-great-grandfather actually walked the Trail of Tears in 1835.  On Sunday he read aloud to the Book Club from his book How I Became A Ghost and even autographed our copy.


Then the kids (and parents) were invited up to the museum's library to look at paintings and artifacts that the museum has on the subject.  History coming to life.

Other fun things we did this week:

The kids continue to love Math Club
We watched as astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after a year-long stay on the ISS.
Holden LOVES his engineering class
Saw a 3D movie about our National Parks

Friday nights continue to be the highlight of my week.  I love spending a couple hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art at night, when the light is different, the halls are quieter.  This week Ella's class was taken into a part of the museum that we had never been before - we even had to have a special guard let us in.  It's not currently open to the public.  Inside the museum is an entire Quaker Meeting House!  Who knew?!?

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