Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter in Woodstock

Part 2 of our holiday adventures...

Immediately after returning from California, we unpacked, repacked, and headed upstate in Moby (our VW campervan) to Woodstock, New York.  While we were away the nice couple who let us stay in their Savannah condo over Thanksgiving stayed in our apartment in New York.  If you have any interest in trying out this kind of swap to keep travel expenses low, check out  Anyway, that meant that we had to leave the place spotless before heading out, which wasn't an easy feat with a 9-hour turn-around.

After an unseasonably warm holiday season (Christmas Day was a whopping 72 degrees in NYC, thank you Global Warming), we found snow two hours north!  It looks like more than it was in this photo, but it was enough for snowman building.


Unfortunately, not enough for cross-country skiing, which I was hoping to try out this trip.

We spent four wonderful days in a gorgeous Airbnb house where we cooked great meals, played board games, completed a 1,000-piece puzzle, read a couple books each, created art, and even listened to a bunch of vinyl records they had in the house (mostly Woodstock-era music, which I love).  Kevin was able to sneak in a couple history lessons without much push back from the kids.  We explored the area a bit, did a New Year's Day hike around Cooper Lake, and ate a few delicious meals in town.  We really love this area.

On our way home we stopped first at a museum we love, Dia:Beacon, in Beacon, New York.  It's housed in an old Necco Wafers factory.  And then made another stop to see Maeve's family in the suburbs before settling back into the city.

After two weeks away, we were all so happy to sleep in our own beds, lulled to sleep by sirens and horns.

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