Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Madness

Decembers are not my best time of year.  They always leave me a little strung out.  Christmas shopping, holiday parties, stressing about money, preparing for travel, planning for school and classes for the spring, trying to keep the kids focused on schoolwork when there are a million other more fun things they'd rather be doing.  I feel like a chicken with my head cut off right about now.  I'm sure many of you people can relate.

So with that said, this post will be mostly photos because I've got 800 things to do and writing a blog post shouldn't be one of them.  This last week found us at a lecture on dark matter at the Natural History Museum (with a Neil deGrasse Tyson sighting), Kevin and I enjoyed getting to know some of our neighbors at a Champagne tasting party in our building (the hosts and our neighbors are the authors of Wine for Dummies), the kids went on a homeschool field trip to see Cirque Mechanics while I sat quietly in a movie theater all by myself, Kevin and I had a grown-up night on the town to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday, and the kids had fun at a birthday party at the New York Historical Society.  Just our average overscheduled week.

My mom arrived in NYC on Tuesday night and we plan to show her Christmastime in New York, even if it is 60 degrees and sunny out.

Owl sighting in Central Park

Stefan's 40th

Slightly bigger than a Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Hanukkah gift for their cross-stitch teacher

Patience, Holden, & Grandma

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