Monday, October 19, 2015

A Fatal Duel

It was a productive weekend for Team Skaggs.  Our Allen wrench got a workout assembling lots of flat-packed furniture.  Good storage is key when you live in a small space.  So we invested in some nice cabinetry from CB2 and IKEA to help with Ella and Holden's bedrooms.

I didn't like the original drawer pulls so I used some from IKEA's kitchen department

And in between assembling furniture Ella and I got out for a mother-daughter afternoon while Kevin refereed at Holden's soccer game.  The New York City Ballet has Family Saturdays periodically, so we went to our first this weekend.  They performed excerpts from several different ballets, with a great host explaining what we were seeing and inviting the kids in the audience to stand up and try it for themselves (please note that Ella is practically a tween now and much too cool for that kind of thing).

Seeing anything at Lincoln Center is worth the ticket price, in and of itself. 

On Saturday night Kevin and I got a wonderful night out as the kids participated in the local Jewish Community Center's Kids' Night Out.  The theme this month was science and microscopes.  A no-brainer.  It's as if they planned it just for Ella.  The kids came home with beautiful paintings of what they saw in the microscopes.  Kevin and I enjoyed an unprecedented three hours of uninterrupted conversation.  

And I'm throwing this last photo in just because it embodies my experience with New York City.  On Friday while I was waiting for the kids to be released from their history class at the New York Historical Society, I glanced down into the cabinet that I had been leaning on.  It turns out my resting spot was on top of the two actual pistols used by Alexander Hamilton and Vice President Aaron Burr in their infamous 1804 duel (Hamilton was the slower draw).  The actual cool is that?


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