Monday, September 21, 2015

From the Met to Montauk

We had our second Zoo School on Friday.  The kids explored habitats and environments and got to touch much less gross animals this time.


And because the weather is still incredible here, we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset and dinner on the roof of our friends' apartment building.

This weekend was the kick-off for soccer season all across America, as evidenced by the dozens of photos of adorable kids in soccer uniforms throughout my Facebook feed.  Here's my adorable contribution:

They both had a great time on their new teams and Kevin and I enjoyed hanging out in Central Park on a beautiful weekend, cheering from the sidelines.

On Saturday night we had our old friends Katharine and Paul over to our new home for dinner.  Since I had spent the day cleaning the apartment I thought it was a good time to take some photos.  We're hoping to start doing some home exchanges while we travel so I needed some good pictures to set up our home exchange site.

Holden's room


Dining Room

Ella's Room

Open floor plan kitchen/living/dining room

We're still so happy to be in this new, light-filled space although it doesn't quite feel like us yet.  All of the furniture is just cheap IKEA stuff we bought quickly when we first moved here and thought we were only staying a couple years.  Now I keep envisioning our beautiful furniture and artwork that we have in storage back in California all over the apartment.  Someday...

On Sunday after Ella's soccer game (they won!), we had to say goodbye to Kevin who took off for a conference in Montauk.  The kids and I spent the afternoon at The Met at a launch party for their new (very awesome) website MetKids.  If you have kids, check it out.

Going inside a Jackson Pollock painting using an Oculus.
We found another room we had never been in before!  That's a real Roman chariot from the 6th century.
Making flip books in the Oceania room.
I was feeling a little bad for Kevin having to miss out on the cool party at the museum until he sent me this picture from his hotel room.

It's a tough life, Kevin.

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