Monday, August 3, 2015

Condo, Sweet Condo

And just like that, we're unpacked!


Kevin is a bit of a slave-driver.  Anytime he caught one of us resting our weary and tired bones this weekend he'd pull out the whip and get us going again.  But in all fairness, we have a ticking clock that was pushing us all weekend, too.  On Friday we leave for Europe (more on that later)!  And all those awesome green boxes need to be returned before we can go.


And besides, it was nice to have an excuse to hang out inside a well air-conditioned apartment when the outside temps stayed at a very humid 90-95 degrees all weekend.

We are all SO, SO happy to be in our new home!  The kids feel like it's Christmas, getting their very own bedrooms to set up as they like.  Kevin is thrilled to have a workout room down on the second floor and enough space in the apartment for him to find a quiet corner to read.  And I finally have a normal-sized kitchen again!


Holden and I wandered over to our new local Farmers Market on Saturday morning and stocked up on delicious, fresh produce, fresh-baked bread, and farm fresh eggs.  For the very first time since moving to New York we ate all three weekend dinners at home!  Believe it or not, that's never happened before.  Kevin and I joked that we might actually, finally become homebodies now that we love our home so much.

I'll take some better photos this week once the boxes are picked up to give you a better idea of the space.  But here are some details that we're pretty excited about.

Ella's closet door has this cool chalkboard painted on it.

Adorable birds above Ella's closet door.

Love, love, love this wallpaper in the kids' bathroom.

And the light fixtures...clockwise from top left: master bedroom, dining room, Holden's bedroom, Ella's bedroom

On our first night sleeping in the new place I checked on Ella on my way to bed.  I found her perched on her windowsill watching the city nightlife going on below.