Friday, April 24, 2015


I promised to explain the odd photos of the kids engaged in sword play in Central Park this week...

This is The Wayfinder Experience.  If you haven't heard of it, Wayfinder is a program that provides workshops and camps for kids to build leadership, social, and team building skills through imaginative play.  Each child is issued a foam sword that they can personalize and decorate.  They play fun adventure and fantasy games such as Capture the Flag and the like.  By creating characters, working as a team to solve problems, and improvisation, they help kids to build self-confidence, responsibility, and individual growth.  This is a homeschool group that meets every Tuesday but Wayfinders is not specifically a homeschool activity, in case you're interested in finding a group near you.  But mind you, it probably won't be in such an amazing setting :)


And speaking of Central Park, we had another opportunity to enjoy it this week with our second field trip with Wildman Steve, the famous forager.  This is Holden's very favorite field trip (this is our second time taking it) and he sticks to Steve's side the entire time, absorbing all he has to teach about botany, environmentalism, and foraging.  I will be shocked if Holden doesn't work in a field that has something to do with ecology.  It is clearly his passion.

Have a wonderful weekend, people!

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