Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day of Spring?

When we moved to New York two years ago I hadn't anticipated how much our lives would now revolve around the weather.  My weather app is the first thing I check each morning.  I know down to the hour when to expect precipitation of any kind.  I now have conversations with other moms about different ways to pack up our families' clothes and rotate our closets for the next season.  Our day's plans, our wardrobe, our mindset all center on the status of the skies.  Every single day.


And so when the forecasters told us that this week would be sunny and hit highs in the 50s, texts started flying among all of us moms crying, "Let's meet outside!"  We've had multiple play dates this week in parks and playgrounds.  Schoolwork has gone by the wayside so much so that I think this week inadvertently became our Spring Break.

And just in time.  My phone tells me to expect snow in an hour and a half.

One of our favorite playgrounds, in the shadow of The Met

I walked past a sign this week that read:

Dear Spring,

We're ready when you are.


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