Sunday, January 25, 2015

Before the Blizzard

Our Mayor just warned us to prepare for the worst blizzard in NY history, "something worse than we've ever seen before."  Most New Yorkers I know respond with a shoulder shrug and a "Meh".  It's the East Coast.  It snows.  Life goes on. 

Our week was busy but not blog-worthy.  The kids did a lot of schoolwork, some midterm tests, lots of reading.  We did get a small break from the routine by checking out an exhibit about Sesame Street at the Library of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.  It's been going on for months and I kept thinking we'd make it someday.  But then I realized on Monday that this was the final week.  So even though we still had lots of work to catch up on, I made the kids pack up their school books and head to Lincoln Center.  They resisted.  They thought Sesame Street was for preschoolers.  But let me tell you, they loved it.  Real muppets, lots of history, and especially now that they live where the show is set, they were enthralled.

A photo of Big Bird at our subway stop

Saturday morning Kevin and the kids kindly let me stay in my pajamas a little too long and finish the newspaper in silence while they went climbing at a climbing wall down at Chelsea Piers.  I'm a little surprised how much they like rock climbing.

That's Ella up there.

Kevin took them through a few galleries in Chelsea and then we met up at The Morgan Library & Museum.  Even though the weather was a mix of rain and snow with slushy sidewalks, I really needed some fresh air and exercise so I decided to walk all the way down.  It's about a 3+ mile walk from our apartment but somehow at the end of the day my phone told me I had walked over 6 miles.  I must have taken the long way.

I've told you about The Morgan Library - it was the personal library of financier Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913).  He was a collector and had amassed a huge collection of books and documents and artwork.  They rotate the rare documents and books they have on display periodically, so each time we go we see different things.  The building and rooms themselves are worth a trip, but to see things like original music sheets written by Mozart, or a document signed by Elizabeth I, is pretty incredible.  This visit the highlight was seeing a letter from J.D. Salinger (signed Jerry) written to his friend Holden Bowler, the inspiration for Holden Caulfield (at least the name, perhaps not the character).  Our Holden was pretty excited about that.


We hopped on a guided tour and learned a lot more about the building and collections.  We even got to see a special exhibit on Abraham Lincoln, complete with manuscripts and documents hand written by him.

The docent showing the kids a secret passageway

Not enough snow to go sledding yet but we were still able to take advantage of winter on Sunday and meet our friends at the skating rink for some more ice skating.  I think we finally all got the hang of it - this was the first time that none of us had to cling to the wall.

Snowball fight in Central Park

Ella & Luke

The kids will have no idea that our local public schools will likely be closed one or two days this week.  No snow days for homeschoolers.  But recess may involve sledding in Central Park.

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