Monday, December 1, 2014

e pluribus unum

Thankful to have been able to spend the holiday weekend in Washington DC.

Thankful to have arrived safely after driving for five hours in this:

Thankful for the International Spy Museum.


Thankful to see Ford's Theater.
Where President Lincoln was assassinated.

Thankful for (and jealous of) immaculate subways with no advertising on the walls.


Thankful for the National Mall (not the shopping kind) and the many monuments we were able to visit.  Thankful we were all healthy enough to walk 8 miles (according to my phone) on Thursday and 6 miles each of the next following days.

Washington Monument
Martin Luther King Jr. Monument
The Reflecting Pool, site where MLK gave his I Have a Dream speech
Lincoln Memorial

Thankful for the National Museum of American History.

The actual Woolworth's lunch counter from Greensboro, NC

Thankful for the White House (and their new and improved security).

Thankful for the Supreme Court (and the awesome tour).


Thankful for the Library of Congress and getting to see the 800 year-old Magna Carta in person since it is only on display for another week.

Thomas Jefferson's personal library.
The original Magna Carta written in 1215.

Thankful for the incredible Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and our amazing tour guide.

The Wright Brothers' actual airplane
Amelia's Earhart's airplane flown solo over Atlantic

Thankful for the National Archives and seeing the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  No photos allowed, understandably.

Thankful for the U.S. Capitol and being able to tour the inside.

 Thankful for Mount Vernon, home of George Washington.


Thankful for one of the best dinners of my life at the Blue Duck Tavern on Thanksgiving.

Thankful that Ella follows her passion and sketched her way around Washington DC all weekend long.

Thankful to have the absolute nicest and funniest friends in the whole world and thankful to see a few of them in DC.

Kevin's old friend Nicole from his Columbia days.
Paula and Tom's adorable kids.
My old buddies Paula and Tom

And thankful for our family in California, for being able to live in New York City, and for each other.

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