Friday, October 31, 2014

Sphinx Virtuosi

It's a strange name, to be sure.  The Sphinx Organization "brings diversity to the arts" or more specifically, brings more Black and Latino musicians to classical orchestras.  A homeschool parent got a group discount for us to see The Sphinx Virtuosi play in Carnegie Hall this week.  Luckily, it was an evening event so Kevin was able to join us for this field trip.


First of all, just seeing any show at all at Carnegie Hall (this was our second) is an experience in itself.  It's such a beautiful and historical space.  And the acoustics are amazing.  I don't even have an ear for music and I can appreciate the sound there.

I'm not going to lie.  Holden was asleep two minutes in.  But Ella enjoyed watching the women play chamber music in gorgeous ball gowns.  One soloist was only 17 years old and played the violin like I've never heard before.  She got a standing ovation.  The theme of the performance was music by living American composers and after each piece the composer would stand up in the audience for applause.  Ella thought that was pretty cool.

We raced home that night to watch the final game in the World Series.  And luckily, since Holden got a good nap in at Carnegie Hall he was able to stay up for the first half of the game.  We woke the kids to tell them that the Giants won the World Series before putting them to bed.

We tried to enjoy as much time outside as possible this week since the weather is definitely switching from fall to winter.  The temperatures have dropped this week.  Holden's baseball coach warned us that the weather is supposed to be in the high 40s this weekend and his game is right on the river's edge.  Ugh.

School lunch in our secret garden.
Picking up school lunch at Barney Greengrass (Ella got Matzo ball soup, like a good Upper West Sider)

Thank you Grandma Diane for the awesome haunted gingerbread house!
Ella's homemade circuit box
Some last minute Halloween decorating this morning

We're all feeling a little homesick this week.  We'd love to be able to go to the Giants victory parade down Market Street today of all days - Halloween!  Orange and Black!  If any of you go, send pictures!

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