Friday, June 27, 2014

School's Out For Summer!

Well, it was a long, sometimes painful school year.  And I can say that we're all thrilled to have it behind us.  The last few weeks the school sort of imploded on itself - PTA members filing grievances with the district, teachers filing grievances with their union, groups of parents trying to get the principal fired.  It was a toxic environment that we're very happy to be getting out of.

But we spent the week celebrating anyway.

Holden's first grade teacher Ms. Santana

Ella's third grade teacher Ms. Schmieder

Ella's class had their end of year African dance performance.  She had a small solo.

The class parents in Holden's class hired some soccer coaches to come and have a fun afternoon with the kids (everyone has World Cup fever).

We also organized an ice cream party for his class.

And once school was all over yesterday, we headed down the street with several of Ella's friends and their parents to watch the U.S. play Germany in the World Cup.  Nothing like bee-lining for a bar to celebrate the last day of school.  I think all of us parents really needed that drink.

And I couldn't resist snapping this 1950s moment: Kevin with his martini, reviewing the children's report cards.


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