Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers and Flat People

I have lots and lots of photos to share, so I'll keep words to a minimum today.

Flat Noémie is on her way back to California today.  We're sad to see her go.  Every morning as we left the apartment one of us would shout, "Who has Flat Noémie?"  But before she left we took her on some more adventures.

Yoga class with Gretchen
Starbucks, of course.
Computer programming class with Ella and Holden

She even got to visit Holden's class while they were making Mother's Day gifts.

I saw this in the hall on my way out of his class.

Holden got to interview the principal of the school for a project.

On Saturday morning as Flat Noémie was watching Ella and Holden play soccer,

I got to join a few friends for a Greek Cooking class!


I told you about my friend Alina's great idea to get a small group of women together who try out new fun, educational or creative things each month.  I've dubbed it the Culture Club.  Last month Alina and I kicked things off with the Arianna Huffington and Barbara Walters conversation.  Well, our little Culture Club has now doubled in size and we each brought a new friend to join us for a cooking class at a restaurant called Ethos Gallery.  We had a great afternoon and ate some yummy food.

Sunday of course was Mother's Day.  I would say that it was definitely my favorite Mother's Day ever.  As much as I love and miss my mother and mother-in-law, it was nice to have a Mother's Day all to myself.  I was showered with gifts and homemade cards as soon as I woke up.  Then we grabbed Flat Noémie and headed just outside of the city to the north to Wave Hill.  You may remember that we took my mom to Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center, a couple weeks ago.  Well, between then and now the gardens have gone completely crazy and are in full bloom.

We arrived early and started our day with an hour and a half bird watching tour.

Holden was actually disappointed when we had to cut out of the tour early to make our 11am brunch reservations in the main mansion.

After brunch, we sat on the lawn and Kevin and I called our mothers while the kids ran around and played and rolled down hillsides.

We checked out the other mansion on the property which houses an art gallery and then believe it or not, the kids were actually up for another walking tour - this time a two hour garden tour!  I was so impressed with their stamina!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous so when we got home Kevin fired up the grill and we whipped up a delicious dinner which turned out to be vegan, completely by accident.  How do you have a vegan BBQ you ask?  Grilled portobello burgers, roasted red and orange bell peppers, grilled fennel and asparagus, a green salad with cooked barley and walnuts on top and a side bowl of fresh radishes.  It was delicious and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end a perfect day.

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