Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spoiled Irish Rotten

I was thinking about my childhood St. Patrick's Days as I was shopping for all green foods on Monday for dinner.  I wore green.  That was it.  If you saw someone not wearing green, they got pinched.  That was the extent of the holiday.

Green salad, spinach tortellini with pesto, and green tea macarons.

Now my children expect leprechauns to visit them the night before as they sleep. 

 This is an elaborate leprechaun trap built by the children when they still thought leprechauns were 3 inches tall.  It turns out they are in fact 3 feet tall.

They expect the mischievous little buggers to make a big mess of their bedroom while they sleep and leave gold coins for them. 

They even expect green pee in the toilet when they wake up. 

And I know this is all my fault.

But I do have "Shining Examples" for kids, so you really can't blame me.


Holden got to go on his second field trip in as many weeks, and again I got to tag along.  And yet again, I aged several years as I tried to help keep track of 25 six year-olds on the New York City Subway.  School buses are for the 'burbs.

We headed deep into Central Park to the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater, which we have been to a couple times already.  It is housed in a sweet old cottage in the park which has been home to the marionette theater for decades.


And as they always do, after the show the puppeteers came out and demonstrated to the kids how marionettes work.

I'm happy that Holden's teacher is continuing to keep school as fun as she can for the first graders.  It will all change soon enough.

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