Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Technology, Old Art

You gotta love technology.  Yesterday we got to Skype with my niece's daughters, Starry, Autumn and Heather, all the way in California. 

For a half of an hour the kids barely said a word.  They just made faces and put bananas on their heads and apples under their shirts and basically just entertained their cousins.  When we hung up I complained that they didn't speak and they looked at me so confused.  "But we had so much fun!"  I guess we just had very different expectations.

Today, I braved the arctic weather and chaperoned 24 six year-olds to the New York Historical Society Museum.


Of course Holden's been there a few times recently, but for the rest of his class it was their first visit.  They seemed to really enjoy seeing art based on New York's history, but they weren't expecting a big surprise.


While the docent was showing us a room of paintings of New York City done by a contemporary artist, that contemporary artist walked in the room!  The docent introduced Clarice Smith (above) to an audible gasp from the first grade class.  Only in New York would the artist just happen to walk into the gallery where our class was. 

We were each asked to choose our favorite piece.

Holden chose the racing horses painted on a screen.

And I chose Karen's Hat.  I love how she's not sitting up straight, but in a real position.

The kids even got to try their hand at creating some art themselves.

Hope my west coast people are enjoying their warm weather...

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