Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From Harlem to Carnegie

The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was a big, full day for us, worthy of its very own post.

The kids appreciated having a slow morning, playing, practicing piano, and reading together about the very important, Dr. King.

We then bundled up for a walking tour of Harlem.  They had a special trip going today for the MLK holiday.  Dr. King visited Harlem a few times and I learned something about him that I never knew before today.  Did you know that he was once in Harlem for a book signing tour and was stabbed in the heart by a deranged woman??  He nearly died and was rushed to Harlem Hospital where his life was saved.

The three of us had a great time walking around Harlem for two hours, seeing beautiful churches and architecture and learning a lot more about the history of Harlem than we knew before.  I wish Kevin didn't have to work.  Perhaps we'll return again for another walking tour.

 Many, many hair salons

 And ending up at the famous landmark, The Apollo Theater

We quickly hopped the subway home for piano lessons and then got all gussied up for our very first trip to Carnegie Hall.  It was so fun to see our cousin Ava sing in a chorus of singers from all around the world, including a contingent from her high school, The School of the Arts in San Francisco.

As you can see, it was a packed stage so we were barely able to see Ava, but luckily got to see her and hug her briefly after the show.

Just an average Monday for Team Skaggs.

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