Sunday, November 17, 2013

Calm Before the Storm

We are about to set out on a 6 week whirlwind of holidays, multiple flights to/from San Francisco, family coming to visit, and overall general chaos. 

So this weekend was purposefully quiet.

It was as though my Dad sent me two of my favorite people to visit this week to cheer me up.  First Cesar came on Wednesday and then on Friday I got to have dinner with my very first college roommate and very good friend, Aimee. 

We haven't seen each other in over 20 years and it was as though no time had passed.  We were super close in college but that was before email and the internet and Facebook.  So after many letters back and forth we slowly lost touch.  About five years ago we reconnected through Facebook and have caught up with each other's lives and families ever since.  So much so that we laughed over dinner at how much she knew about me and my family from following this blog.  It was so nice to see her and I can't wait to meet her kids and husband.

New York City really is the crossroads of the world.  We've seen so many friends, past and present, over the last year.  It's made being so far from home so much easier.

Once we spent the first hour of the day doing a "Power Family Clean" of the apartment that has been neglected all week due to my commitment to the book fair, Saturday was a nice, lazy day.  We met up for lunch with our friends "Maeve's Family".  We wandered for a few hours lazily through Central Park, stopping occasionally at playgrounds, to watch the skateboarders, or just to collect sticks and leaves.

Sunday was even more lazy.  I had grand plans that after Holden's final T-Ball game (apparently the coach sees a future in pitching) we were supposed to get the kids all gussied up and head to Central Park to take some photos for our holiday card.  But unfortunately even though Saturday was picture perfect, Sunday dumped rain.  :(

We took advantage of having nothing to do and did nothing.  The kids played some online educational games and Kevin and I read.  When we thought we were going to turn into overheated Zombies (we can't control the heat in our apartment), we bundled up and headed outside for some fresh air.


We wandered for a few blocks and walked by packed coffee shop after packed coffee shop (apparently sitting in a coffee shop is the thing to do on a rainy day in New York)We finally found a table and settled in.

Ella worked on a short story.

Holden finished his dinosaur book.

We've had a quiet night, enjoying the excuse to stay put and relax.  Kevin's sister Maxine and family arrive on Saturday and his parents arrive the following Wednesday.  

I'm feeling especially thankful for family and friends tonight.

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