Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celebrity Status

As I said on Facebook, one of my kids got their picture in the New York Times and it isn't a mugshot.

A few months back my sister-in-law saw that the New York Times was requesting photos for a series they were working on about living in high-rises.  She forwarded me the link and I submitted about 4 or 5 photos from our penthouse apartment.  I had forgotten all about it until...

...this article came out two days ago.  If you scroll down you'll see my name in lights and this photo of Ella and Paul.  Pretty cool.  I was completely surprised because not only was it my least favorite of my photos that I submitted, it was taken very quickly with my cell phone - not even my good camera.  I never thought in a million years that they would choose it.  I mean, her hair isn't even brushed for crying out loud.

Fame and fortune (not) are mine. 

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