Monday, September 9, 2013


Before I tell you about my super-secret mission this weekend, can I just tell you that today is September 9th and good lord in heaven if that doesn't mean back-to-school day in New York City.  FINALLY! 

As another blogger wrote, "Happy back-to-school kids.  
Don't let the door hit ya' on the way out."


First and third grades.  They were mildly excited to get back and see their friends and meet their new teachers.  I celebrated by going straight to a cafe after drop-off, ordered a scone and tea and finished the last few pages of the book I've been trying to read for the last month.  All by myself.  *sigh*

But all of this came after a whirlwind, 30 hour, surprise trip to San Francisco!  My dear old dad turned 80 years old on Saturday and that kind of milestone can't go uncelebrated.  So my sisters and I planned a small gathering of immediate family as a surprise.  I flew out on Friday evening, arriving at 11pm and left again on Sunday morning at 6am!  It was definitely a whirlwind trip but so worth it. 

Saturday during the day I spent catching up with my cousin Jana and her girlfriend Susan who had flown up from LA.  Of course we had brunch at The Ramp because I never go to the city without eating at The Ramp - especially on such a gorgeous day.

Then we wandered down the Embarcadero which was more crowded than I had ever seen it.  There was the Ferry Building Farmers Market going on, America's Cup races and a Giants game - all at the same time!  And it was a rare 85 degree day, so you can only imagine how many people there were.  So much fun.

Then we met up with my sisters and their spouses and my nephew Brandon and his boyfriend Thomas at Thomas' restaurant The Stable Cafe

It was the perfect place to surprise my dad. We had the place to ourselves and it is the most adorable space with a gorgeous outdoor patio.  My sister Teresa picked up Dad under the pretense of taking him out to dinner for his birthday and brought him to us.

Can you see the joy in his face?

He was completely surprised - had absolutely no idea, he said.  He never thought in a million years that I would fly out from New York for his birthday.

And it was the perfect size group.  Just his daughters and closest relatives.  


We stayed for a few hours, eating delicious food, catching up with each other, and celebrating a loving dad, father-in-law, and uncle.  

Happy birthday, Dad!

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