Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun with the Falbos

The Falbo Family came to visit!


And they're growing!  Since they last came to NYC they've added Baby DJ to their lot.  It was nice for us to spend some time getting to know her.

She is a complete doll.  She smiles constantly and is happy to let anyone and everyone take their turn holding her. 

On Saturday we did the usual, American Museum of Natural History, BBQ in our backyard, wandering the streets of Manhattan.

And although Holden's second Little League game was rained out, Ella still had her first soccer game (luckily, it's indoors).


Frankly, I was surprised by how much she loved it.

And then on Sunday...ooh, did we have fun.

The San Francisco Giants were playing against the New York Yankees for the only time this year.  Shauna and I planned this months ago.  Bought tickets way back in February.  Even before they had Baby DJ.

Photo bomb by Holden

We represented the Giants well and the Yankees fans were very gracious to us - no sneers or jeers.  It helped that we won :)

It was another major check off on our bucket list and so fun that we got to experience it with our great friends and fellow Giants fans!

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