Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bringing California Hippie to New York City

Well, homework season has begun:

But it's not all books, books, books.  The kids and I have found a new hobby - yoga.

I found a great little studio a block and half away and signed up for an introductory pass: all the yoga classes you want in two weeks for $30.  And I am making the most of my money.  I took about four classes last week and am going to my third one today for this week.  I've always enjoyed yoga but never found anything very convenient.  This place is so close and they offer so many different kinds of classes that it makes it easy to stick with it.  So far I've started with the easier classes - "Urban Zen", which is a restorative yoga (like a really nice nap) and chair yoga which makes me feel like I've had a chiropractic adjustment every time I take it.  I am walking  much taller and sleeping much better since starting.

They also offer children's classes in the afternoons.  And not the mommy-and-me kind of classes, but ones where I get to drop them off, go have a quiet cup of coffee (or more likely make dinner), and pick them up.  Again, since it's right down the street, it makes it so easy for me.  I thought I'd let the kids try one just to see if they liked it.  At first Ella wasn't very excited but Holden was thrilled.  I was a little surprised at how much he was looking forward to it.

Well, they both LOVED it.  I don't know what went on in there, but they both begged to come back to the next class.  Ella mentioned something about the instructor rubbing scented oil on her feet.

So they've been back to another class and Holden asked (in front of the studio owner), "Mommy, can we come back to every kids class they have until the studio closes down forever?"  But...since kids yoga classes are apparently more expensive than adult yoga classes and since everything is multiplied by two in this family, I'm working with the owners to figure out a deal of some sort - perhaps a family membership.  He was so happy to hear how excited Holden was about yoga that he said he'll definitely work out something more affordable for us.


Starting in 3rd grade, the kids get to choose a "club" class, which is supposed to be something fun that incorporates what they're learning in the classroom into real life, applicable experiences.  Ella chose Garden Club and since I've been helping out in the school garden, the science teacher who is leading Garden Club asked if I'd come help out.  I'm thrilled to be able to actually help in one of the kids' classrooms.  So far the school has been less receptive about having parents inside the classrooms than our last school. 


Since today was the first Garden Club meeting since the summer, the kids got to go out in the garden and do some harvesting.  They picked cherry tomatoes and basil and their teacher brought in some mozzarella.  Back in the classroom the kids made Caprese salad, a big hit. 

Meanwhile, we continue to get our farm box.   If you have a garden then you know it is zucchini and tomato and corn season.  And we've been inundated.  Some hits:

Zucchini and Corn Fritters - sorry, can't remember which recipe I used but you can Google it and get dozens of recipes.  With a dollop of applesauce on top, the kids ate a plateful.

Penne with Zucchini, Lemon, Ricotta and Pine Nuts - I strayed a lot from the original recipe so I won't include it, but basically all the ingredients are in the name (add Parmesan and cooking water).
And I'll leave you with this last photo:
If you know Ella, you might be giggling about now.

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