Monday, August 26, 2013

Pack. Picnic. Play. Repeat.

Just a quick update today because I am deep in packing hell right now.  Didn't I just do this??  The movers come in two days and I'm sure I'll be ready but the time between now and then will be ugly.

Here's how Holden conquers his boredom while I'm packing.

Meanwhile, we were able to get a little fun in this last weekend.  Friday night was the start of a short film festival in Central Park.  Outdoor movies each night with free popcorn, courtesy of our mayor.

The movie was Hook, a take on the Peter Pan story, which kind of touched a nerve with Kevin and me and reminded us to let the kids just be kids and to lower our unattainable expectations of them a bit - something we've been trying to work on a lot lately.

I'd rather not revisit Saturday.  Let's just say it involved IKEA on a Saturday and two bored, hungry, tired kids who had stayed up way past their bedtime the night before.  Enough said.

Our friends (Maeve's family) pulled us away from packing long enough on Sunday to enjoy a beautiful picnic in Central Park.  I told Kevin that I still can't believe we can walk literally one block and end up at one of the world's most beautiful parks.

We even got some good eating in this week.  Holden and I made not one but TWO visits to Barney Greengrass, the Sturgeon King for the world's best New York bagels.  It's kind of a landmark here and you can often find celebrities hiding out in the corner.  And it's just around the corner from our new apartment.

I also made use of a lot of our farm box.

This dish included tomatoes, corn and basil (made into homemade pesto) all from our box.

And this lovely thing took me all of 5 minutes to make.  One pie crust dough from the store and 3 sliced peaches from our farm box.

And here is a last sunset photo from our apartment in the sky.  We'll sure miss this but looking forward to many good times in our new backyard!

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