Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birthdays, Boats and BBQs

Was that just a week??  So much fun has been had by Team Skaggs that it feels like a month since I last blogged. 

Right before we left New York our good friends Teresa, Tuan and Ian came to visit.  They took good care of our apartment while we were in Minnesota.

As you can see, the weather was HOT and HUMID when we left New York City.  

We cooled off in the pool and found a last minute babysitter so the BIG kids could "do the town".  We are loving having so many visitors so Kevin and I have an excuse to live large, weekend after weekend.

Before heading off on vacation, we celebrated an early birthday for the birthday boy (to avoid having to lug his birthday presents across the country).

Our first impression of Minnesota was that it is so beautiful and lush.  Not what I expected at all.  We drove straight out to our brother-in-law Sean's parents' house in the suburbs.  We celebrated the other birthday kid of the week, our niece Rowan.

Wearing the dress I sewed for her.

The next day we headed out of Minnesota to Lake Chetac in Wisconsin where Sean's parents have a lake cabin.  On the way we picnicked at Franconia Sculpture Park.

The weather was absolutely perfect, 80s with a nice breeze, and the lake was cool.  We spent the week taking the pontoon boat out to watch fireworks, riding the speed boat and getting pulled on inner tubes, swimming from the sand bar, and even canoeing.  When not on the water we could be found playing "Cornhole", reading in Adirondack chairs, and eating.  The kids loved the freedom of being able to run off and explore, unattended by grown-ups.  They caught bugs, built a fairy house and played on the hammock.  It couldn't have been a nicer way to spend the week. 

Here's some photographic evidence (Grandmas, remember you can click on any picture to see it larger):

After our awesome week at the lake we spent a day touring around Minneapolis and St. Paul with Maxine and Sean.  We visited the Walker Art Center - a gorgeous modern art museum - and the adjoining Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

We also spent Holden's actual birthday at a local zoo/amusement park.

Happy 6th birthday, Holden.  We sure love you.


  1. Gretchen, It was one of the best weeks we have ever had at the lake in 9 years. You all are so much fun. I think it should be an annual event! Thanks for trying out the midwest! Deb

    1. Well it was definitely the best week WE ever had at the lake ;) See you next year, Deb!