Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hotel Skaggs

By now you people must think I'm completely making up everything I write on this blog.

How can one family have so much FUN?!?, you ask yourselves.

Ah, but I have photographic proof...

Here we are seeing Annie on Broadway with the amazing Jane Lynch (of Glee fame) as the evil Miss Hannigan. Our good friends Shauna and Francesca jetted out from San Francisco for the weekend.

After the show someone had the brilliant idea to hang out by the stage door for some autographs.  Here's "Annie" signing Ella's Playbill.

While the girls sang 'Tomorrow' endlessly all day long, the male half of Team Skaggs played baseball in Central Park using Holden's new catcher's mitt from Grandpa Bill.

Again we dined at Otto - we do love Mario Batali.

On Sunday we enjoyed what turned out to be the most perfect weather since we arrived - 80s and no humidity - by wandering through Central Park, stopping to eat ice cream, play in playgrounds, and climb castles, as needed.

Once our company headed back to the airport we took full advantage of our apartment by hanging out at the pool on the roof deck all afternoon.  There may be two and a half more days of school left but as far as we're concerned it's already summer vacation!

Speaking of which, we celebrated summer solstice by getting Ella an adorable new summer cut.

Happy summer, blog readers!

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