Thursday, June 20, 2013

Having a Field Day

We sadly said goodbye to Michael, Frances, Devin and Alana on Tuesday.

 Michael and Devin watch the sunset

 Devin and Alana walk Holden to Kindergarten

As chaotic and crowded as it is for us to have house guests in our tiny apartment, we really do love it.  It makes us feel less homesick to have family and friends from home.  Which is good because Shauna and Francesca arrive tomorrow!  That's right people, three weekends in a row (and more next weekend!).

The school year is winding down.  This week Holden had his "Stepping Up" ceremony.  It wasn't until that night when I was tucking him in to bed that I realized he didn't know what "Stepping Up" meant.  I told him it's code for graduation.
Holden's in the striped shirt doing a crazy chicken dance.

And then today his class had "Field Day".  It was a great day at a local park filled with fun games and contests and donuts and juice boxes.  Needless to say, our evening routine didn't go well tonight.

The rest of this post is dedicated to food, so if that doesn't interest you feel free to sign off now.  I'm just still having so much fun with our weekly box of goodies from the farm that I've been taking pictures to show you all.
Everyone enjoyed the Rhubarb Strawberry Lemonade.  But this week when we got yet another two stalks of rhubarb I traded it at the swap box for another zucchini.  I discovered that it takes a lot of sugar to make rhubarb palatable.

It's becoming a weekly meal to saute up some veggies (in this case the yellow squash and asparagus) that we get in the box and cook them in scrambled eggs with Gruyere cheese.  It's an easy sell to the little ones.

Speaking of easy sells, I knew there was no way Holden would eat the spinach if I were to present it to him in any leafy form, so I threw it in a blender with the garlic scape (many of you asked how I ended up preparing the garlic scape - which it turns out is the green part that grows above the ground with the garlic bulb down in the soil) and a handful of walnuts and some Parmesan and made pesto.
It was even better than traditional pesto and I'm happy to report that not only did Holden have seconds, he had thirds.  A great way to get in more spinach, in case you were wondering.

Here's Holden making himself and after school snack.  Put a banana on a popsicle stick, slather it in peanut butter, and roll it in granola.

The weather has been absolutely perfect this week - high 70s and 80s with no humidity.  So tonight we ate a midweek dinner out on the roof deck.  I used a bunch of our box veggies (lettuce, sugar snap peas, scallions) and some avocado in a shrimp salad.  For dessert, those of us who finished our dinner (who didn't fill up on sugary snacks all day...) enjoyed strawberry shortcake made with fresh strawberries from our box.  I didn't get to take a picture of it because someone was having a complete meltdown because he couldn't have any...

Fueling up for our next set of house guests who arrive tomorrow, Shauna and Francesca!


  1. Hi Gretchen: Your recent deluge of company reminds me when we first moved to the mountains in 1978, we had company every weekend all but 2 weekends that first year, fun but exhausting.

    Your pesto recipe sounds wonderful. Need to go to the farmer's mkt to pick up some scapes. Don't throw away any extra rhubarb, make a super delicious strawberry-rhubarb pie. There are fabulous recipes all over the internet for this old time favorite. Remember to have some vanilla ice cream on the side.

    I have no idea where you found time to make that darling bunny bag for your cousin but it is super cute. Girl you are sooooooo talented.
    We will certainly miss you at the beach this year but are so happy we get to visit you at Mom's in July.

    Keep writing, you make my day. Best to all, Jay

    1. Every weekend for a year?!? At least I don't have to worry about guests coming in the dead of a New York winter :)
      See you soon, Jay!