Friday, May 24, 2013

Who's That Hottie?

First of all, Kevin got to start his long weekend off right...finally getting the recognition he deserves :)
He got to ring the opening bell for the NASDAQ this morning!  His company is hosting an Internet conference this week in NYC and they were asked to ring the opening bell.  Who knew he'd end up being 20 feet tall at Times Square?  I'm glad I told him to wear a tie.

While Kevin was gaining fame and fortune (well, fame at least), I was "chaperoning" Ella's field trip to the Farmers Market.  I put chaperoning in quotes because the market is literally in front of her school.  The antibiotics seem to have finally kicked in and while I'm not at 100% yet and I still have a "sexy" voice, I'm good enough.

At first I thought it was cute that they were going to a Farmers Market for a field trip, but I quickly realized how many of these urban kids had been nowhere near a farm.  When asked what comes from a dairy farm, one boy responded, "Oreo cookies!"  When everyone started to laugh his eyes filled with tears.  He said since there is cream in the middle he thought that's where they came from.  The Farmers Market rep kindly explained to him about the difference between real cream and the stuff that is man-made.  From there it quickly became obvious that these kids get very little exposure to fresh foods and are pretty ignorant about where their food comes from and what makes food healthy vs. unhealthy.  Very few knew the names of the vegetables that she held up.  Luckily, Ella raised her hand to answer most questions since she's the only one in her class who has ever had their own garden.

They even got to sample a salad made with fresh lettuce, garlic, strawberries and honey.  I was proud that they all gave it a try and as surprised as they were when almost every single one of them asked for seconds.

And before we head off to Boston this afternoon, I want to leave you with this.  I found it in my bedroom after I surprised Ella with a new bathing suit.  He never complained directly to me.  As a matter of fact, I had no idea he cared or wanted a bathing suit himself until I saw this.

I'm so impressed that he included the apostrophe that I plan to buy him a new suit as soon as we return from Boston.

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  1. That must have been so exciting, hitting the Nasdaq bell. If it were me, I'd go to do it... and pause. Then do it again... and pause. They'd never ask me again.
    I hope you're making Holden a suit now. :)
    Your niece, S