Monday, May 20, 2013

In Denial

I am home today on this rainy Monday with a self-diagnosed case of Strep Throat, feeling like total crap.

Our weekend and the weather started off awesome and went downhill from there.  Friday night we had Maeve's family over to our roof deck at the end of what was a beautiful sunny day.  We ordered up some Caribbean food and enjoyed some margaritas at sunset while the kids played on the grass.

Saturday morning was the school's big Spring Fair.  I had been helping all week with the rummage sale part of the fair, sorting and organizing the donations and then on Friday helping to sell items at the preview sale.  The day of the fair started off grey, but it was not supposed to rain and it was still supposed to be over 70 degrees out.  So off I set in a little sundress... 

Each class was supposed to come up with a booth game or activity.  I worked Ella's class booth: nail painting (very popular):

 While Kevin ran Holden's class booth - miniature golf.

The kids had a great time - eating junk food, riding rides, jumping in jumpy houses...
...even decorating cupcakes.

And then the rain started to come down.  In my little sundress I still managed to stay about an hour in the rain, but finally gave up.  I think that was the start of my sore throat.  We headed home and had a quiet family movie night, curled up and warm in our apartment. 

By the next morning my throat was on fire and my head pounding.  The rain was pouring outside.  But somehow I convinced myself that all I needed was some fresh air and good food.  So we all packed up and headed down to the Children's Museum of the Arts in SoHo, stopping on the way at a French cafe for a delicious brunch (which is why you'll notice Ella is wearing a beret - she loves to dress appropriately). 

The museum was fantastic - a real hand's on place for kids to get messy and be creative.
 They did watercolors,

and silk screening.

 There was a clay bar (at a real bar).

 Ella drew a self-portrait in front of a mirror.

And they even learned stop-motion animation.

Needless to say, Ella and Holden loved every minute of it.  Meanwhile, I was starting to realize that this wasn't just allergies.  Every chair I found at the museum had my name written all over it.  I even fell asleep on the subway home.  Why I didn't insist on taking a taxi home, I don't know, especially given that the rain was really coming down.  I was so in denial of being sick that I even agreed to Kevin's suggestion that we stop at the Soho Grand Hotel for a quick drink on our way home.
Why yes, that IS an albino peacock in the cage behind Ella.
So now it's almost time to pick up the kids at school and I haven't gotten dressed all day.  Actually, between sleeping and reading, the day has flown by.  I even had to cancel dinner plans with a good friend who is in town.  
No more denying it.  I'm sick.

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