Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Me Day

The sun came out today and so did I.

The laundry was done.  The apartment was clean.  The bills were paid.  I even baked a batch of Meyer lemon-almond muffins for an after-school treat for the kids.
(Who am I kidding?  They were totally for me.)

So I decided to get out and have some fun, all by myself.  I headed down to the Museum of Modern Art and explored a couple new exhibits.  You can now download audio tours on your iPhone, for free!  So I wandered around with my ear buds in, listening to the artists describe their art to me.  Most of it was art I would have walked quickly by.  What a difference it makes to hear what went into the creating of the art.
A real painter in the museum.  (I thought it was funny.)
I've also been listening to audio books on my phone while I walk in the mornings around the reservoir, while I sew, and even as I take the subway.  I finished earlier this week The Round House, which was very good.  And then today I started Isabel Allende's newest book, Maya's Notebook.  I love anything by her and I love being read to.  Very relaxing.

After the museum I picked up a sandwich and found a seat near a fountain among all the well dressed executives also enjoying the sun that we haven't seen in so long.  As lunchtime went on and the crowd grew larger, I noticed that the police presence also increased.  I also noticed cameras up high on buildings I've never noticed before.  Last weekend when we were in Grand Central Station we saw a young guy with too much luggage for any one person being surrounded by about twenty cops.  I'm happy to know that I'm being protected by the NYPD.

I saw this in the museum and thought it as apropos for me today.

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