Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Weekend in Photos

Our weekend in photos:
Bike ride through Central Park
Stumbled upon a castle in the park

At the top of Belvedere Castle
 Had to stop at the waffle truck for a treat

Waffle with Nutella and bananas...yum!
Sunday morning met up with my friend Andi and her kids at the Children's Museum of Manhattan

Enjoying a shadow puppet play
Popped into a Roman Catholic church so Kevin could explain Palm Sunday (to all three of us)
Walked home along the Hudson River and came upon this Civil War momument - had to take a picture for Ro

Most playgrounds in Manhattan seemed to be themed - this is the Hippo Park
All in all, a great weekend - cold weather and all.

Other highlights that were not photographed: Friday night dinner with Maeve's family - picked up tamales and empanadas from the tamale guy who hangs out in front of the kids' school on Fridays - yum!  Saturday night the kids had a babysitter and Kevin and I went to a fabulous dinner party at our friends Katharine and Paul's house and met some new fun friends, got home at 2am.  And I finished The Secrets of Happy Families and the good news is, we're doing everything right!  What a relief.

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