Monday, March 18, 2013

Paradise Lost

This is our state senator yelling at me.  That just about sums up my weekend.  It was bound to happen - our family has finally gone stir crazy with the cold weather and spent the entire weekend trying to kill each other. 

It wasn't all bad.  Friday night we went out for pizza with our new (and just about only) friends on the island.  But not before Ella and their daughter Maeve spent two hours arguing and crying.  Maeve's mom and I were pretty close to cancelling dinner but we both knew we needed a big glass of wine so we met the dads at the restaurant and turned over responsibility for the kids.  Once we got to the restaurant the girls made up and we all enjoyed our meal.
Saturday morning was actually really fun (for a couple hours).  Our building has started offering cooking classes and on Saturday morning they offered a mommy (or daddy) and me class where Ella and I made breakfast and brought it back upstairs to Holden and Kevin.

We made pop tarts, muffins and granola - all super delicious.  And it was good for Ella and I to have some one-on-one time.  She's always so much better behaved and more pleasant to be with when Holden's not around and she doesn't have to compete for anyone's attention.
Then, against my better judgement we decided to check out the world's biggest St. Patrick's Day parade...I'm not a fan of parades - lots of standing still, waiting and crowds.
At first it wasn't so bad.  The kids liked seeing the bag pipes and groups marching...

Then it started to snow...hard.  It dumped on us.  So time to go.  Only we were on the other side of the park and the only way to get home was to walk back across Central Park.  No taxis, no subway.  In the wind and cold and snow.  It was the longest hour of my life with both kids crying and whining and complaining.  The rest of the day only got worse.  Meltdowns.  Fights.  We are a family who generally spends most of our weekends outdoors.  This cold and snow is making us spend a lot more time indoors and with only 800 square feet, the kids are driving each other crazy.  They fight almost constantly.  They each asked me a dozen times this weekend, "When does spring start?"

Kevin did a good job of trying to salvage the day on Saturday night by taking us down to our building's comfy lounge on the 3rd floor (which we had all to ourselves) and putting Star Wars on the big screen with a big bowl of popcorn.  We all loved it and it was a nice way to end the day.
 Everyone's mood was pretty bad on Sunday and we basically didn't talk much to each other.  We popped down to the Museum of Natural History and amazingly on our third visit everything we saw was completely new - we still haven't covered the entire museum yet.  But we were still all tired of being indoors and decided to just call it a weekend and head home for an early dinner and baths and a couple hours of quiet reading time.  Here's what I started reading...
Wish me luck.

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