Monday, February 25, 2013

Love From Home

 We got a lot of love from home this week. 

First of all, Ella received a large manila envelope from her 2nd grade class in San Mateo filled with Valentine's cards.  She was beyond thrilled and has been looking through them all weekend long.

Then we got to Skype with our friends and neighbors the Moskewiczs because Holden's praying mantises hatched!

For Christmas Holden got a praying mantis kit.  We had mailed away for the eggs and had started to grow them before we found out about the move.  Since we couldn't bring them with us, Holden gave them to Alex and Erika next door, to take care of them for him.  Frankly, I had forgotten all about them until this picture popped up on my phone.  We got to talk with our friends and see the baby praying mantises, which were actually pretty cute.

Then last night we got to Skype with Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Maxine and Uncle Sean and Rowan and Piper.  (Mom, Skyping is a video call).  Here are the kids chatting with Grandma and Rowan:

I'm starting to get just a tad bit homesick...

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  1. How sweet that Doreen sent a packet of Valentine's for Ella!

    I love reading about all your day trips. We must come visit!!